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Hi, I'm Dr. Monika Stefanowicz, DPT, WCS. My mission is to radically improve the care women receive throughout their lifespan when it comes to pelvic health. 


Need mentoring?

Struggling with a specific case? New to pelvic health and need support beyond your Pelvic 1 course? I'm here to help! 

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What Is Pelvic Health?


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Client Friendly Info

Looking to learn more about a certain condition with information you can share with your clients?

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Virtual Visit

Do you have issues with pee, poop, sex, pregnancy, and postpartum? Having difficulty getting to a clinic near you? If only a pelvic floor physical therapist could come to you! While I can't teleport to your house, we can do the next best thing - a virtual visit. 

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Check out  upcoming events, webinars, and courses to take your pelvic health smartypants to the next leve