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Thanks for stopping by. I'm so excited to be able to share my passion and love of all things women's & pelvic health with you! I created this blog because I want to empower each and every single woman with FREE access to high quality, easy to read information so that you can make the best health decisions for yourself


Getting started

Pelvic Floor Basics

I recommend you start here to learn about pelvic floor anatomy, function, and basics such as normal pooping habits. Yes, you have a pelvic floor and it's about time you read the instruction manual on it! 

Pregnancy & Postpartum

Whether you're currently expecting a little bundle of joy, already had yours, or just curious about what to expect, these posts teach you how to maintain a healthy lifestyle pre and post baby. 

Women's Health 

These posts all focus on health and wellness geared specifically towards women. Topics include fitness, birth control, and conditions specific to women such as endometriosis and breast cancer. 

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