The LLK Weight Loss Challenge

From the time I became a teenager, I don't think a single week, maybe even day has gone by that I haven’t heard some type of negative body talk - either from myself or others. It’s common right? If I had a dollar for each of those times I could retire immediately… in the Bahamas… with my personal hairstylist, make up artist, and butler.  

Negative Self Talk

So here's the challenge: for the next week don't say anything negative about your body. 

Probably not what you were expecting right? The title said weight loss challenge. For many different reasons, most of us have weight loss goals. And lots and lots of people in this world make money off of said “goals” and us (often) not accomplishing them. There’s the fad diets, the fad workouts, the videos, shakes, outfits, everything. 

Weight loss is important when you are putting yourself at risk for diseases and when your weight physically holds you back from doing the things you want to do in life. Proven weight loss benefits include: better blood sugar regulation, decreased risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer, etc.

Those are admirable, and oftentimes necessary reasons for weight loss. But let’s be real, when’s the last time you wanted to lose 5 lbs to decrease your blood pressure? This post is for the generally healthy people, who freak out when summer rolls around, and think “If I lost 5, 10, 15lbs I’d be so much happier.” See, that’s the keyword. Deep down we all know that associating weight with happiness is just as bad an idea as drinking OJ after brushing your teeth. 

Youhavefatbutyouarenotfat quote

So back to the challenge. For all of us “X pounds = happiness” people, let’s shed some emotional baggage. For the next week, work on separating your physical body from your self worth. How? 

Well I’m going to make small changes. Like unfollowing any social media accounts that make me feel more bad than inspired (lookin’ at you IG and Pinterest). I’m going to stop making  self-degrading jokes because I’m half guilting myself, half digging for compliments. And if I’m part of a conversation which starts becoming a competition of I’m-grosser-than-you, I’ll either change the topic or walk away.

We do that sometimes right ladies?

“I just ate 2 pieces of cake ughh.”

“Oh well yesterday I ate x”

“Well I haven’t been to the gym in months!”

Why are we trying to one up each other this way? 

If your best friend or sister said something mean about herself you would probably tell her to cut it out and that she’s gorgeous. (I hope you would.) Say the same thing to yourself. You can change that little voice in your head. Those thoughts will come, so be gentle on you. With enough practice they will come up less often. 

Is this getting too mushy? Maybe. What can I say, under this meathead exterior I’m a big mushball who wants world peace and free froyo Fridays. A girl can dream right? 

Comment below with any suggestions or changes you are going to make. Better yet, share this with someone close to you and take the challenge together!