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Need vagina help?

Are you suffering from problems with pee, poop, sex, pregnancy or postpartum?

I’m here to help! As a doctor of physical therapy and Board Certified Women’s Health Clinical Specialist, I am ready to get you laughing & learning about the most intimate parts of your body.

Virtual Visits are actual physical therapy sessions done over video calls. You can start your healing journey in your comfiest sweats, without leaving your house!

We will dive deep into your problem (how long it’s been happening, what’s happening, any related past history), perform an assessment, and create an individualized program for you.

Are you ready to get your life back?!


Here’s what people are saying:

If you work with Monika, I promise you that you are in amazing hands! She is a miracle worker.  She is so caring, understanding, and very passionate about what she does. I cannot thank her enough for helping work through my prolapse issues. She basically helped me get my life back and learn to live with a prolapse and be ok with it! I just absolutely love Monika…she is the BEST!

Gena, 36

My mission is to raise awareness for pelvic health so that people can get the help they need with their pee, poop, & sex problems!
— Monika Stefanowicz, DPT, WCS

The woman behind all the vagina talk

Hi there!

I’m Dr. Monika, the lady that’s always having the conversation you want to eavesdrop on. Yep, no matter where I go, I find a way to bring up pee, poop, & sex!

I believe learning about your most intimate parts is fun, not embarrassing. Through my own struggles with pelvic problems & extensive training, I have learned how to coach my clients on their individual road to recovery.

If you’re looking for small daily doses of pelvic health info & inspiration, join me on Instagram for my daily segment #MorningswithMonika