I’m not your average vagina doctor



Hi there!

I’m so glad you found Lift Laugh Kegel. It means you’ve started to learn about pelvic health and that is the first step to a lifetime of great pee, poop, & sex.

You’re also probably wondering who I am and why I write about this stuff. Great questions!

I am a woman who is passionate about the pelvis. See, I’ve had my own problems with lifelong constipation and pelvic pain. I understand the shame & stigma that society wants us to feel because of these problems. I know how frustrating it is to go from doctor to doctor, yet not get the help you so desperately want. I believe that’s part of what has made me fall in love with this specialty.

When I learned about pelvic health for the first time during graduate school I instantly knew that I found my calling. Part of that was a bit selfish… because I believed that if I pursued this training, then I would be able to heal myself. And guess what? I have!

My own journey has taught me that it’s possible for others, no matter how long they’ve had problems. I learned to become vulnerable, to ask for help, and to create a lifestyle which supports my well-being in order for me to do what I love on a daily basis.

I adore teaching people about the most intimate part of their bodies because I believe it’s FUN not embarassing. I see a future in which children are taught these basics in school and pregnant women get preventative pelvic floor physical therapy.

My mission is to spread the pelvic health gospel & to help as many people as I can.

I’m here to support you on your journey, whether that’s through blog posts, the Vagina Weekly Newsletter, and/or virtual visits. No question is too basic or crazy!


Dr. Monika

My Training

Springfield College Seal

I completed my Bachelor of Health Science (2013) and Doctor of Physical Therapy (2015) degrees at Springfield College, MA. This set my foundation for holistic wellness & serving my community.

I did my residency training in women’s health at Brooks Rehabilitation, FL (2017). This is where I dove deep into the specialty & found my passion for educating clients.


As of June 2018, I am one of less than 400 physical therapists board certified in Women’s Health nationwide. Achieving this honor taught me that hard work + passion = success.


Beyond the resume, I am a lifelong learner and open to new insights! I love to read, listen to podcasts, watch Ted Talks, meditate, and collaborate with other healers/professionals.